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big in japan

big in japan

Actu oblige, on ne pouvait éviter le tsunami japonais qui met un bazar mondial. Pour (essayer) d'egayer un peu, on pense évidemment à ce Tokyo Hotel  avant l'heure (mais bien allemand),

mais même là, il y en a qui insistent :

Do you believe GOD? This song was found in 1985, 16yrs after. the "big tragedy" made those words came True! It hitted deeply in the word "Big in Japan. Here the lyric, view twice... "Winter's city side", "wind no issusion". "heatwave", "Sea, East Blue". Watch out here " Now its history I see", "here's my comback on the road again". and this is the point "Thing will happen while they can". "Its easy when you're big in Japan" and its easy realizing our world Today if you beleive in God! 

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